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The desire for descendants comes from God. He has given within us the holy longing to hold our own offspring. He Himself has bestowed upon us the heavenly blessing of having babies.

Yet sinister forces remain in action around us. They keep recommending death as the best solution for disappointment.

Now’s our chance! Life’s sanctity is seismically shifting our culture.

National Lutherans For Life had an educational retreat for the Board of Directors, State Federation Presidents, Regional Directors, and staff at Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa, on Friday, June 24, 2016.

God makes us human. God’s Word is what makes us human. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Almighty Maker of the universe and Lord of history, He created us human.

Subsets of humans have been marginalized throughout human existence, but despite all the efforts for personal freedoms, there is still a group being marginalized, being made to feel less than human, and it’s happening in legislatures all over the...

"I’m hiding.” “You can’t see me.” The toddler’s cuteness tickles us when she closes or covers her eyes and suddenly becomes absent or invisible.

They can be complicated, confusing, controversial, and uncomfortable. I’m talking about those things we typically address on a Sanctity of Life Sunday—the life issues.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) offers hope for couples dealing with the pain of infertility. But ART sometimes fails.

No, the Bible is not a biology textbook. It is God’s revelation of Himself in Jesus Christ and the story of our salvation by grace and through faith in Him. God, however, does know about biology.