2019 LFL Regional Conference – Ann Arbor, MIchigan – Speaker and Hotel Information

This conference is co-sponsored by the Concordia Center for Bioethics – “Decision Making Centered on Christ.”

Registration: 8:30-9:00 a.m.

Conference: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Adults: $50 • Students: $25

Lunch is included in registration fee.

REGISTRATION - 2019 Regional Conference - Ann Arbor

2019 LFL Regional Conference Poster - Ann Arbor

2018 LFL Regional Conference Bulletin Insert - Ann Arbor

Concordia University Ann Arbor
4090 Geddes Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Conference Agenda (PDF)

Map - Concordia University Ann Arbor (PDF)

Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Kevin Voss, Director of the Concordia Center for Bioethics – “The Impact of Secularism on Bioethics” – Dr. Voss will discuss the loss of Christian ethics in the U.S. and the impact of that loss on life issues. Three secular (non-religious) ethical concepts have become dominant in the West: autonomy, utilitarianism, and relativism. He will explain them, highlight their importance, and apply them to three important contemporary life issues: physician-assisted suicide, eugenics, and gene editing. To conclude, Christian ethical standards will be applied to those issues.

  • Donna J. Harrison M.D., Executive Director, American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists – “Hormonal Contraception- What's the Issue?” – There has been tremendous controversy regarding exactly how hormonal contraceptives prevent a recognized pregnancy at the end of a cycle. Confounding the issue are changes in the definitions of key words which have served to muddy the understanding of this mechanism. This talk will explore the issue of how hormonal contraception works at various points in the cycle and explore the issue of allowance for conscientious objection to provision of hormonal contraception. Some of the information will surprise you.

  • Rev. Paul M. Clark, LFL Michigan Federation President and Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fowler, Michigan – “God’s Endeavor: LIFE” – Clearly, from the very beginning, God embarked on His great undertaking - the creation of human beings. Throughout Scripture, we can see how committed our Lord is to the creation, preservation, redemption, and sanctification of His people. If God so cares for us in such a way that His only Son dies in order to save us from sin and every evil, how can we not see the value in other people - including our unborn children? What can we do to reflect this love of God in our witness, as well as in our ongoing battle to defend innocent human life? Rooted deeply in God’s Word of Truth, we shall continue to stand for the dignity and value of each human life, as we encourage one another to make our stand regarding this most important issue of our day.

  • Dr. Sheila Page, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, President of the Texas Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, Member of LFL Board of Directors – “Can They Really Make You Do That? The Clash Between Corporate Medicine and Individual Right of Conscience” – Corporate practice of medicine has been illegal in the United States until the recent passage of the ACA. The reason it has been guarded for so long is simple: an employed physician will have a natural conflict of interest between the best interests of the patient and the demands of the employer. An employer can threaten the reputation, livelihood, and financial stability of a licensed professional. An administrator typically has no personal attachment to the patient and is focused on the financial needs of the hospital. A physician caring for the patient often must weigh the cost between the demands of the administrator or third party payer and the best interest of the patient.

  • Rev. Michael W. Salemink, Executive Director of Lutherans For Life and Ann Arbor Conference Chaplain and Moderator

Note: There is no group rate.

Holiday Inn
3600 Plymouth Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(3.1 miles from Concordia)

Residence Inn
3535 Green Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(3.5 miles from Concordia)