2019 LFL Regional Conference – Rochester, Minnesota – Speaker and Hotel Information

REGISTER NOW: 2019 LFL Regional Conference – Rochester, Minnesota – September 14

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Speakers Include:

Rev. Fredric Hinz, Public Policy Advocate, Minnesota North & South Districts - LCMS

Title:  “Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Transgenderism (and whatever comes next): Cutting Them Off at Their Root”

Overview: An essential part of the Christian Gospel is that God created us, body and soul; loves us body and soul; and given purpose to us, body and soul. Today, however, the hearers of the Gospel are told, and increasingly believe, a particular ancient heresy which claims that our physical body was not created but evolved, that it is not loved but disposable and that it has no innate purpose or meaning. In short, we’re told that matter no longer matters. This in turn, has spawned numerous distortions of God’s good created order, including abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgenderism.  Come hear Rev. Fredric Hinz as he explains how this heresy has been revived in our day and how it functions to corrupt our society and cause great and unnecessary suffering. And, most importantly what we can do to counter its destructive effects. 

Mona Fuerstenau, Director of Ministry Partnerships, Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Title: Did God really say Indispensable?

Overview: A look at 1 Corinthians 12:22 exploring the place of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Body of Christ. Practical tools and resources to  support people with disabilities and their families in your congregation.

Biography: Mona joined Bethesda Lutheran Communities in 2010 as a ministry consultant and now serves as the director of Lutheran Ministry Partnerships. She is a parent of two very diverse learners, a retired speech pathologist, and an avowed disability advocate. Mona was chair of the national Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Disabilities Task Force for four years after chairing the NW District Disability Awareness Task Force for six years. Mona guest lectures and writes on disability issues and has spoken for over 15 years at a growing number of regional and national conferences. She works towards a ministry model that successfully supports families who experience disability, addresses attitudinal and accessibility barriers, and connects people together in communities rich with the gifts of people of all abilities.

Rev. Chris Wheatley, Hospice Chaplain

Title: You Know the Way: Dying Naturally with Hospice Care

Overview: In John 14, Jesus presents a vision of dying in which He comes to take us when our place with Him is ready, that where He is, we may be also. There are some in the world of hospice who see death differently, as something that human beings should hasten in the name of comfort or social responsibility. How can you find a hospice that respects natural death and God’s timing? What questions should you ask of a potential hospice before you commit a loved one to its care? What does natural death with a focus on quality-of-life treatments look like in hospice care? Pastor Chris addresses these questions as somebody who has worked with a variety of end-of-life agencies, both religious and secular.

Biography: Rev. Wheatley is the son, nephew, and brother of Lutheran pastors from various denominations. He attended Concordia College in Moorhead and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where he wrote his thesis on death and mortality in the thought of Soren Kierkegaard. He has served as a chaplain in a variety of settings: within various hospitals, Veterans’ Affairs, an HIV/AIDS house, and two hospices, one of which he helped create. He is a passionate advocate for comfortable, natural death, and speaks regularly against physician-assisted suicide in medical and church settings. He believes that the American hospice movement is currently at a crossroads, and it will soon decide whether it continues to support life until death or enters the field of medical killing.

Rev. Michael Salemink, Executive Director, Lutherans For Life

Topic Title:  "A Sixty-Seven-Cent Check Saved My Life" - In 1974, a sixteen-year-old Iowa farm girl's surprise pregnancy threatens to ruin lives. Roe v. Wade made abortion available just one year earlier for situations like this. But Planned Parenthood was no match for Zion Lutheran Church. The courage and compassion of plain saints patiently serving according to their various vocations cultivate a forty-five-year marriage, three children, twelve grandkids, two pastors, a soldier, and a whole lot of Gospel-motivated Lutheranism. Listen and learn how God's using you to do the same!