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Lutherans For Life, Inc. has assisted in the development of Lutherans For Life of AustraliaLutherans For Life of Canada, and Lutherans For Life - Latvia, in addition to working with interested pro-life Lutherans in other countries.

At the request of a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Lutherans For Life provided them with resources on abortion, chastity, and post-abortion healing. In 1996, LFL was invited to Romania (at that time the country with the world’s highest abortion rate) to assist in the development of Pro-Vita, a Romanian Christian pro-life group. Since that trip, LFL has supported Pro-Vita financially; many brochures have been translated into the Romanian language; and two caring pregnancy centers have been developed. Opportunities exist for continued involvement with Pro-Vita.

Rev. Don Richman is LFL's International Representative. You can learn about LFL's international efforts here:

2016 LFL National Conference - Rev. Don Richman - Eastern Europe and Russia – The Next Generation: To Kill or to Keep?

An Update from Latvia (November 21, 2014)

The Latest from Latvia (May 28, 2014)

2013 LFL National Conference - Jim Lamb - L.I.F.E. Around the World - In "L.I.F.E. Around the World," Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, talks about his trip, in October 2012, to England, Latvia, and Russia.

A Trip For Life Overseas—An Update from Jãnis Diekonts in Latvia (Spring 2013): 

“We have just registered foundation ‘Nodibinãjums Dzívíbai’ (Foundation For Life). That will give us legal status … We have no special funding yet, but we are going fine. We have received help from God in various ways. Some congregations have paid for fuel. One of our congregation members took our car to service (he didn’t even tell us the cost—all I know is that the car was in very bad condition) and paid for mobile internet connection. So we don’t have to worry about these practical things. I have talked to more than 20 pastors, 30 congregation members and 150 students in November and December … Now I am working on our new website. We plan to start over again in February, because I have exams in January and I have to be in “Luther’s academy” every day. Then we will need some money to cover transportation costs and salaries, but I have seen many times that funding comes just in the right moment.” (Also see the "Dr. Lamb Travels ..." article below and LifeDate – Winter 2012.)

Dr. Lamb Travels to England, Latvia, and Russia - October 2012

Lutherans For Life - Latvia

Sign of Life: Russia and Eastern Europe

Confessions of an Executive Director by Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb - "It was not at all what I expected. She sat on the floor, back against the wall. Fear filled her eyes and tears spilled over. It was not at all what I expected from a woman waiting to have an abortion. This scene took place in Romania in 1996. I traveled there with a team of other pro-life leaders to see if we could assist a small group called Pro-Vita (Pro-Life) deal with an abortion rate that was the highest in the world. Nearly 85 percent of all pregnancies ended in abortion."

Downloadable Resources

Through a special gift to Lutherans For Life, we are now able to offer several of our brochures in Russian. They include:

Abortion and the Message of the Church

Abortion – A Matter of the Heart

Called to Remember

The Secret Pain

These PDFs were designed for easy reproduction on printers and copiers. Please feel free to forward these files to anyone who can use them.

We are very grateful to our translator, Tanya Ryumin, for all her work in making these resources available!


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Rev. Don Richman was born and raised on a farm near Tower City, North Dakota. After graduation from high school, he served with the army for two years in Munich. After that, he enrolled at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work and economics in 1959. Soon after beginning his career as a social worker, the Lord called him into the ministry. He enrolled at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he graduated with a master’s degree in theology in 1969. Pastor Richman was married to the former Mavis Elster in July of 1963. After serving as an associate pastor in Jamestown, North Dakota, for three and a half years, Pastor Richman was called to the senior pastorate at Emmaus Lutheran Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. After much prayer, thought, and consultation, Pastor Richman was led to resign from his position at Emmaus Lutheran church to organize the East European Missions Network—incorporated in 1992. Pastor Richman served as director until March of 2004. He continues as founding director of EEMN. Though he and Mavis continue to reside in Bloomington, Minnesota, he travels frequently to various countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.