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I Want to Be a Member of Lutherans For Life


Membership in Lutherans For Life will help deepen your commitment to serving the Lord of Life.

Membership makes you an active partner in the mission of LFL on a regular basis. Ongoing, regular support is both a way of declaring commitment and developing commitment.

Your partnership will help expand our mission of "witnessing to the sanctity of human life, through education, based on the Word of God."

Members in Lutherans For Life Receive:

  • LFL’s quarterly journal, LifeDate, at no cost to you—keeping you informed on all the life issues.

  • An initial membership packet that will help you grow in your understanding of the mission, message, and manner of LFL.

  • An official membership card.

  • Semi-annual mailings updating you on new materials and giving you free samples.

  • An annual report to help you see how your gifts are being used.

  • Sponsor members receive a letter from the executive director each month giving some devotional thoughts, comments on pertinent issues, and updates on what is happening at the national office.

These items will help you stay connected. Through this ongoing connection you will:

  • Be reminded of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ relates to these issues.

  • Grow in your faith as you see how God’s Word changes lives.

  • Keep informed about what’s going on at National LFL.

  • Keep up to date on the latest life issues.

  • Become better equipped to do more to make a difference in your congregation and community.

  • Receive encouragement as you realize you are partnering with your fellow members all across the country.

  • Learn about becoming involved at the local and/or state level of LFL.

Membership FAQs

  1. Why consider membership in Lutherans For Life? Membership in Lutherans For Life means you are standing with thousands of pro-life Lutherans nationwide on God’s Word. You are making a commitment to help equip "Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life" through more than an occasional donation.

  2. Wouldn’t sending a donation to the national office accomplish the same thing? Yes, however, a membership shows an additional level of commitment to the organization. Membership means you are telling everyone that you stand by the organization and are committed to carrying out its mission and vision. Your membership also helps the local chapter or state affiliate, if existent.

  3. How does a membership benefit a local chapter or a state affiliate? The clearest benefit is that membership contributions are shared with our local and state affiliates. In areas where these affiliates exist, 20 percent of your membership contribution is returned to a local chapter and 20 percent is returned to a state affiliate. In supporting Lutherans For Life through your membership, you are helping share God’s Word on life issues on many levels.

  4. What types of membership are there? There are two types of membership: an annual membership and a monthly sponsor membership. Annual members are asked to renew their memberships and their commitment every year. Monthly sponsor members are asked to pledge an amount to be sent each month to Lutherans For Life. Each year, monthly sponsor members are asked to renew their pledge.

  5. How much does a membership cost? There is no fixed amount for either the monthly sponsor membership or the annual membership. The suggested annual membership contribution is $35. A membership contribution of any amount will activate your membership.

  6. Do I have to send two contributions for a husband and wife? No. You may send one contribution with both spouses’ names on the membership form.

  7. How long does the membership last? A monthly sponsor membership will last as long as the member wishes. Annual memberships are renewed annually. 

  8. What are the benefits of membership? Members receive three special mailings not sent to the public. In the winter, members receive a copy of LFL’s annual report that details how your contributions are distributed. In the spring and in the fall, members receive a free copy of a recently published brochure to keep you updated on various life issues.

  9. How is the money used? These funds enable Lutherans For Life to speak in and donate materials to churches, schools, colleges, and seminaries; help start new local chapters and state affiliates so you can share God’s Word of life in your area; organize training and equipping seminars to help you reach out in your community; and publish materials that educate you on various life issues.

  10. Will I start receiving mail from other organizations? Be assured that your privacy is important to us. Lutherans For Life shares your contact information with our local and state affiliates so you can be connected with and encouraged by other pro-life Lutherans in your area. Occasionally, Lutherans For Life will participate in a mailing list exchange with select Lutheran ministries. These exchanges are meant to be a one-time exchange; that is, your name is to be used for only one mailing, your name will not be retained for any purpose, and the other organization is not to add you to their mailing list unless you respond with a donation.