10 Blessings of Large Families

By Michael W. Salemink

Date: February 28, 2019

Category: Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life, Family Living, Worldview and Culture

God loves children—and God loves having lots of children. He doesn’t demand an abundance of children from every human family, however. Even little families and only children are great treasures. But our culture seems to have developed a particular disdain for big households.

“Are those all yours?”

“You know how that happens, right?”

“Can you really afford another baby?”

“You sure have your hands full!”

Large families come with unique benefits. I surveyed my Facebook network about it recently. “My friends who have four or more children—or who have three or more siblings—what special blessings does living in a large family bring?” They had lots of positive responses. Here are the top ten:

  1. Guaranteed friends, even into adulthood.

  2. Ready-made laboratory for learning people skills like taking turns and getting along.


  4. What one forgets, another one remembers.

  5. Less housework for Mom and Dad.

  6. Free babysitting (also, no need to save for retirement—just live with one of them).


  8. God’s unconditional love on every face.

  9. Increases chances for Christians to take over the world.

  10. Foretaste of the feast to come (Revelation 7:9)!

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