Families Belong Together!

By Michael W. Salemink

Date: July 17, 2018

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Families belong together!

Immigrants (refugees?) sometimes attempt unapproved entry into our country. Our laws grant each one due process to clarify their crime and their claims. When they bring little ones along, certain regulations have forbidden housing the children with the adults. These arrangements make sense, but we ought not take lightly the separation of the young from parents. So protestors have recently raised the rallying cry against the detentions: Families belong together!

Christians can affirm this assertion. Families do indeed belong together. Both nature and Scripture establish it as truth. Our Almighty Maker and Heavenly Father has put husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers together. What He has joined, no one may rend. Only when it alleviates immediate and extreme danger should we entertain removing one from another, and then only until the risk resolves.

Families belong together. So no more adultery. No more fornication. No more affairs. No more lustful fantasizing. No more pornography. No more perversions. No more sending nude selfies or lewd texts. No more enslaving ourselves to animalistic appetites. No more disconnecting sexuality from marriage and procreation. Let’s instead exercise this blessing in exclusive service to our God-given spouse.

Families belong together. So no more freezing embryos. No more leaving them in laboratory storage indefinitely. No more manufacturing them by the handfuls. No more pulling them apart to procure their stem cells. No more genetically engineering them in the name of scientific advancement. No more declaring them “excess” and dispatching them for experimentation. Let’s instead receive every child as a precious treasure and a special privilege.

Families belong together. So no more “no-fault” divorces. No more relaxing restrictions against broken homes. No more dissolving wedding bonds simply upon demand. No more cheapening nuptial promises by permitting abandonment of them at will and without good reason. No more cohabitation without matrimony. No more forsaking society’s responsibility to support and safeguard these sacred commitments when they get threatened or weakened. Let’s instead strengthen and defend every one-flesh union.

Families belong together. So no more physician-assisted suicides. No more letting loved ones feel like burdens or better off dead because of their age or their ailments. No more enabling them to put themselves out of our misery. No more lazy “love” that lives and lets die. No more keeping ourselves aloof and indifferent to the suffering of others. Let’s instead marshal all the resources of community to accompany one another in addressing affliction.

Families belong together. So no more abortions. No more killing children for convenience. No more prioritizing our liberties over their rights. No more appealing to privacy or poverty or adversity or public opinion. No more staying oblivious about which contraceptives cause miscarriages. No more forsaking panicked hearts to deal with their surprise pregnancies alone. Let’s instead advocate and intervene to celebrate and save every member of the human race.

Families belong together. So no more salvation-by-works. No more assessing anyone’s value according to ages or appearances or abilities. No more underestimating the ways God’s grace redeems lost causes and the most hopeless-looking situations. No more acting as if anybody’s history or sinfulness falls outside of His reach and rescue. No more forgetting that His will and His Word, His incarnation and His forgiveness have invested even our existences with everlasting significance. Let’s instead discover and distribute the abundant life in God’s unconditional love.

Families belong together. So no more keeping quiet. No more “minding your own business.” No more using “two kingdoms” as an excuse. No more avoiding controversial conversations just because they are difficult. No more sidestepping life issues just because they are “political matters” or “personal decisions.” No more hiding the healing light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ under a basket. No more hoarding for ourselves the abundant promises of God that those close to us so desperately desire. Let’s instead declare the sanctity of life with courage and demonstrate it with compassion.

Families belong together!


Pam Tekcor

Thank you Lutherans for Life, for boldly taking the stand that the harm being done to families at our border is morally equal to abortion, pornography, divorce, and fornication. I'm saddened to see our churches cling to a political heritage and be willing to overlook sins in our leaders that we would never embrace in our churches. Families belong together, Amen! Let's start demanding leaders who have a history with star adults, not adult stars. Whose only collusion with a higher power happens in a pew on a Sunday morning! Thank you Lutherans for Life for your bold stance against the sin that permeates our world.

Phil Schwarz

I am a father, although my children are grown & raising their own families. I have one burning question about these folks entering our country illegally. Why do they cross over illegally, with their children, knowing when they are found out, the children may be removed from them, as they go through the legal system? Why put your family & children up to this risk? If I am already away from the country I am running from due to fear (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvidor, China, etc), & no fear of deportation, why do I risk separation from my children by committing an illegal act? Just a question, as I place a high priority on my family, above my personal wishes. I am LCMS Lutheran & have been Lutheran my whole life, that I remember. Raised on a farm in Central Tx, family immigrated here in 1870's & did so legally & brought money to buy land to support Tx & US Govt. Abided by the law of the country immigrated.

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