Holy Innocents

By Michael W. Salemink

Date: December 28, 2018

Category: Abortion, Abortion and the Church, Devotional

It was not little Lord Jesus who lay quietly in the Judean night. His lungs did fill and overflow His lips with blessed sound.

But His newborn brothers in Bethlehem, no crying they made. Herod’s sword snuffed them out before they could vocalize the carol the Almighty sent them to sing.

The government sanctioned silencing their voices, never to proclaim their Maker, never to praise the labors of the Savior He gave. Instead only their blood cried out from the ground. It amplified Abel’s ancient appeal for atonement.

And their mothers mourned uncomforted.

Scripture remembers how the gut-wrenching grief cast a pall over even the Christmas celebration. The Christian Church recalls them this day as the Holy Innocents—not because they knew no sin, but because they perished to purchase someone else’s comfort.

Yet these first martyrs for Christ embody the Gospel. They testify of a Beloved Son who would spill His blood to spare all others from punishment.

Abortion resolves no regrets. Abortions make nothing better, not even 3,000 American abortions a day for 45 years. It only adds anguish to anxiety and exchanges a lifetime of happiness for decades of heartache. Only God’s forgiveness works real resurrection. The presence of Christ Jesus relieves abandonment and panic. His words deliver, His ways protect, and His gifts provide abundant and everlasting life. Trusting in His pardon and promise brings the blessings none can seize for oneself.

Let us lend the Holy Innocents our voices the way Jesus Christ gives us His own.

Let us declare the worth and purpose of human life no matter what age, appearance, or ability.

Let us demonstrate how the Heavenly Father has created, redeemed, and called every human being to be His precious treasure forever.

Let us replace the fear and anger of sinful selfishness with courage and compassion.

Let us unwrap Christmas joy and hope for everyone!

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