On This World Down Syndrome Day

By Michael W. Salemink

Date: March 21, 2016

Category: Abortion, Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life, Abortion and the Church, Family Living

On this World Down Syndrome Day, Lutherans For Life celebrates our neighbors suffering from Trisomy 21. We thank and praise our Heavenly Father for giving you to us as brothers and sisters. We remember how Jesus devoted most of His attention to persons with impairments during His ministry. Our sinful condition has rendered the whole world fallen and left us all debilitated unto death in body and soul. We rejoice that all of our lives reflect God’s unconditional love for every human being in all states and stages, notwithstanding abilities, accomplishments, or any lack thereof.

May this Jesus who bore our brokenness and carried our sorrows in His crucifixion heal our eyes by the power of His resurrection to see the truth you face daily: that human worth is not wrapped up in works or comfort but is based on His unlimited grace in creating, redeeming, and calling us all to everlasting life in His heavenly kingdom.

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