The One Thing Necessary

By James Lamb

Date: August 25, 2015

Category: Abortion, Abortion and the Church

Downloadable Bulletin Insert - Planned Parenthood and the One Thing Necessary


Remember Jesus’ words to Martha? “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things” (Luke 10:41). Martha’s desire to serve Jesus was not wrong, but it did distract her from that “one thing necessary.” For example, this summer’s vacation helped remind us that although fishing is great fun (even though I did not catch one fish!), it is really not the most important thing. It is just part of the important thing of being with family and enjoying time together.

I think we need to be careful that the recent events surrounding the now infamous Planned Parenthood videos do not become a distraction from what LFL is all about. To be sure, these videos help reveal—not just the horror of selling body parts of dismembered babies—but also the horrors of abortion itself. The more people we can get to see and understand this reality the better. We need to look at these revelations as opportunities to share our message.

That takes us back to that “one thing necessary.” Jesus tells Martha, “... but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42). That good portion, that necessary thing, is what we find listening to the words of Jesus, His words of truth and words of grace. As you know and as your committed support of LFL shows, that is what we strive to do.

Recent events give us opportunity to share Jesus’ words of truth about the sacredness of unborn life as children created by God and redeemed by Jesus, little ones He wants to call His own in Baptism. To destroy human life in the womb is morally repugnant. To destroy the handiwork of God is spiritually incomprehensible.

Recent events also give us opportunity to share Jesus’ words of grace. While the videos call people’s attention to the tragedy of abortion, think what they stir up in the hearts of those who have had an abortion or who have participated in an abortion decision. Those who counsel post-abortive women and men talk of “trigger events,” things like the sound of a vacuum cleaner or the due date of an aborted child. Seeing these videos, hearing others talk about them, reading news reports that describe them can be triggering great regret and guilt in the hearts of many across our country.

That is why we are making an effort to do more to publicize LFL’s post-abortion hotline, Word of Hope. I am asking for your help. Does your congregation regularly publish in bulletins, newsletters, or on their website Word of Hope’s contact number? It can be a very simple announcement: “Hurting from an abortion? A Word of Hope can help. Confidential and Caring. 888-217-8679;” Order several copies of the free Word of Hope brochure (Item LFL404T) from Concordia Publishing House and make them available in your church. We put ours in both the women’s and men’s bathrooms. 

Thank you for your help on this and for all you do to help us share truth and grace!

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