Endowment Fund

Schroeder_DianeA letter from LFL President Emeritus Diane Schroeder

Dear Friend of Life,

Lutherans For Life is needed, perhaps more now than ever before. Surveys show that there is a growing number of young Lutherans who call themselves "pro-life," however, they also admit that they are not in the Word. People who are not in the Word do not know how to love and protect the life that God has made and redeemed. And that is why surveys also show that as many Christian as non-Christian women have abortions.

Many pro-life organizations exist today to help people understand that abortion kills an innocent human child. There are right-to-life groups that expose the truth about assisted suicide and euthanasia. There are even outreaches to the women and men who suffer the trauma of post abortion syndrome. We appreciate what these organizations are doing, but there is no ministry with a message and manner quite like Lutherans For Life.

Lutherans For Life witnesses to the sanctity of human life based on the Word of God. Only the Word of God tells us why human life is so precious. God has created each life! Jesus has redeemed each life! Only the Word of God equips us to protect each life. You can help take this Word to young and old by contributing a gift or pledge to the Endowment Fund of Lutherans For Life.

The interest income from LFL’s Endowment Fund will be used to educate through printed and published materials, production of videos, and provision of speakers; to provide scholarships to pastors and lay people in order to attend LFL conventions; to help advance our use of technological opportunities through audio-visual equipment, computers and the internet; and to reach out through Word of Hope to women and families after an abortion with the hope of Jesus Christ. You are free to specify a particular area of outreach.

Lutherans For Life desires to put itself out of “business,” out of ministry. However, God’s Word for Life will be needed in a sinful world until Christ comes again. That’s why Lutherans For Life is here for the long-term. Will you be a partner for Life?

Please let us know if you have any questions on the Endowment Fund. Thank you for your special gift!

For more information, click here to download the Endowment Fund brochure. You can also contact Lutherans For Life at 888.364.LIFE or by e-mail: .  
Serving the Lord of Life with you,

Diane Schroeder
President Emeritus, Lutherans For Life