Donor_Perfect_click_give_box_blueAbortions may be increasing really soon.

We’ve enjoyed some thirty years of declining abortion rates. Gospel-motivated voices of courage and compassion have even closed clinics. Speaking the truth in love—in congregations, in communities, in courthouses, statehouses, and our own houses—has cut the abortion rate to half its historic height. The work goes slowly, and it gets difficult. But we’re making a difference.

Now, though, the danger is rising.

Surgical abortions are going down, but chemical abortions are climbing. Although the total number of babies put to death inside their mothers is dwindling, medication abortions now make up the majority of abortions before ten weeks’ gestation. The “abortion pill” is breaching many of the barriers that keep abortionists’ instruments at bay.

It’s actually a regimen of two drugs—mifepristone and misoprostol. The first disables the placenta, starving and suffocating the baby. The second unnaturally induces labor to deliver the dead child. Current laws allow a mother to ingest the first pharmaceutical at a clinic, including those facilities that have no operating rooms. Then she can follow up by swallowing the second tablet at home, alone and unattended by any medical professionals.

Several states have also begun offering “telemed abortions.” A pregnant woman can consult with an abortionist over videoconference from miles and hours away. A remote-controlled drawer then dispenses her the lethal tablets. Last year, a generic formulation reached the market, and more than seventy-five websites are now selling the toxic tablets—internationally and illegally—without any prescription necessary. The FDA has strongly warned against making use of these unregulated dealers. No agency can even guarantee these imported substances are genuine.

We can’t make abortion unavailable—though we are laboring to. Will you help us make abortion unwanted? Please give a generous financial gift to Lutherans For Life today! You can insulate hearts and minds against it with our message and ministry.

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