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Stephen Hawking, perhaps the most famous physicist since Einstein, has again emphasized that the universe didn’t need God to get things rolling. Read more ... ... Continue Reading

Rebecca Hagelin writes: "Nearly every evening, they are there at their neighborhood pool—a father and his nine-year-old son, Michael. The boy’s smile captures attention instantly. You can’t help but be drawn to watch the two of... ... Continue Reading

Advancing science does not justify the destruction of human life. The President's Stem-Cell Dollars and the Judge's Rebuke by Robert P. George & Yuval Levin & Matthew J. Franck. ... Continue Reading

The Case for Marriage (from National Review)Sep 07, 2010

Category: Family Living

National Review takes a look at The Case for Marriage. ... Continue Reading

Albert Mohler: "The most promising avenues of stem-cell research are using cells derived from adult cells, not from embryos. The absolute determination of some researchers to destroy human embryos cannot be explained by scientific determination... ... Continue Reading

Chuck Colson writes, "A federal judge, I’m happy to say, halted federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. But folks, that’s just round 1." Read more . . . ... Continue Reading

Jill Stanek: Collusion in the HeartlandSep 01, 2010

Category: Abortion

"Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has taken Nike's 'Just do it' challenge to tackle life with gusto and run the other way with it. Without checking with any ruling body in the state of Iowa whether their plan was legal, Planned Parenthood... ... Continue Reading

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