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Upsetting the Stem Cell ApplecartSep 01, 2010

Category: Bioethics

"The most positive development in American stem cell research in recent months may have occurred in a courtroom rather than in a laboratory. Earlier this week, US District Judge Royce Lamberth granted an injunction banning Federal funding for the... ... Continue Reading

Parental Notice and the Demonization of Pro-life PrincipleSep 01, 2010

Category: Abortion, Family Living

"There has been a bit of celebrating going on in Alaska over the past few days. The source of the jubilation is the passage of a ballot measure that requires parental notice prior to a pregnant teenager—seventeen or younger—going into... ... Continue Reading

Sterilize the Unfit Says British ProfessorSep 01, 2010

Category: Bioethics

The mentally and morally “unfit” should be sterilized, Professor David Marsland, a sociologist and health expert, said this weekend. The professor made the remarks on the BBC radio program Iconoclasts, which advertises itself as the... ... Continue Reading

New Study First to Examine Impact of Late-Term Abortion on Women's Mental Health - Read more . . . ... Continue Reading

Mother's cuddle brings baby "back to life"Sep 01, 2010

Category: Family Living

"An Australian woman has told how she apparently brought her premature baby son back to life with two hours of cuddles after doctors had declared him dead." Read more . . . ... Continue Reading

Appeal in stem-cell decision revealingSep 01, 2010

Category: Bioethics

"A spokeswoman for Americans United for Life says it's obvious the Obama administration wants to circumvent the law and make federal funds available for research that requires the killing of unborn babies." Read more . . . ... Continue Reading

Steve Chapmen comments on a under-reported facts about embryonic stem cell research. "When he announced his policy expanding federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, President Barack Obama was not timid about proclaiming its benefits. It... ... Continue Reading

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