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Radio Days: Lessons Learned Behind the MicrophoneJul 06, 2010

By Lowell Highby

Category: General

Several of Albert Mohler's articles have been posted on this blog. Today, he talks about bringing his "Radio Days" to a close, offering Lessons Learned Behind the Microphone. ... Continue Reading

Reverend Paul Stallsworth, of the National Pro-Life Religious Council recently shared How a Pastor Might First Broach the Abortion Issue With His Congregation.  ... Continue Reading

Defund Planned ParenthoodJul 02, 2010

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion

Sheila Liaugminas on a drive to Defund Planned Parenthood, noting that "millions of dollars of taxpayer funds are missing." ... Continue Reading

Update - Kagan's Abortion DistortionJul 02, 2010

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion

Shannen Coffin updates his column, "Kagan's Abortion Distortion," on National Review Online. ... Continue Reading

When Feminism Kills — Abortion As ‘The Lesser Evil’Jul 01, 2010

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion

Albert Mohler writes, in his latest blog post, "'If you are willing to die for a cause, you must be prepared to kill for it, too.' That statement, published for all the world to see, perfectly distills the inescapable logic of the abortion rights... ... Continue Reading

John Smeaton, in his latest blog post, tells us that a story in the Telegraph about "'a cheap blood test that could allow doctors to check unborn children for Down's syndrome' is arguably the most significant news of the 21st... ... Continue Reading

Teenagers and Pregnancy - Stalled ProgressJun 29, 2010

By Lowell Highby

Category: Family Living

What are the main reasons teenagers abstain from sex? Two old-fashioned words. Find out what they are in Chuck Colson's latest Breakpoint commentary. ... Continue Reading