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Life on the Web - February 14, 2019Feb 14, 2019

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion, Family Living, Bioethics, End-of-Life, Fetal Development, Movies - Television - Video, Sexual Purity, Political, Worldview and Culture

Abortion Why Infanticide Isn’t A Bridge Too Far For Many Abortion Supporters by Hans Fiene - "As Democrat governors embrace infanticide, it appears Democrats are once again poised to follow the extremists in their party. Why aren’t... ... Continue Reading

Life on the Web - February 8, 2019Feb 08, 2019

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion, Bioethics, End-of-Life, Sexual Purity, Devotional, Worldview and Culture

Abortion God Have Mercy by Carol Fouse Infanticide Debate Reflects a New Era for Abortion Politics by Matthew Lee Anderson - "As states push for pro-choice protections, Christians have a growing obligation to defend the lives of babies born as... ... Continue Reading

Life on the Web - February 6, 2019Feb 06, 2019

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion, End-of-Life, Worldview and Culture, Abortion and the Church

Abortion 1,000+ people join ninth annual Midwest March For Life by Nicole Roberts Infanticide Is The Historical Hallmark Of A Pagan Culture by Georgi Boorman - "Judeo-Christian principles helped to form our culture, and Christianity is... ... Continue Reading