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Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation!Mar 31, 2011

Category: Family Living

Just for fun ... Sam and Ren are 17-month-old twins and they have a lot to talk about! These bubbly baby boys have a hilarious conversation in their own baby language. Read more and watch the video ... ... Continue Reading

Pro-life laws are part of the reason abortion rates have declined over the past two decades, a study says. Read more ... ... Continue Reading

Dynamic new pro-life video makes case against abortion using embryologyMar 31, 2011

Category: Abortion, Fetal Development

In a brand-new, fast-paced video, the pro-life site makes the “case against abortion” based upon the development of the pre-born child. View video ... Continue Reading

Tapes show Planned Parenthood mammogram claims to be falseMar 31, 2011

Category: Abortion, Political

The pro-lifers at Live Action struck again when they posted tapes Wednesday showing that Planned Parenthood’s claims of offering mammograms are false. Read more ... ... Continue Reading

Christian Post: Growing Intolerance for Christianity in U.S.Mar 30, 2011

Category: Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life, Political

"In a world of political correctness devoid of the rule of law, tolerance has come to mean total rejection of Christianity and moral standards. Modern tolerance redefines words like 'marriage,' 'discrimination,' 'equality,' 'morality,' and even... ... Continue Reading

Forced to AbortMar 29, 2011

Category: Abortion

Imagine living under a regime that dictates how many children you can have. In China forced abortions are a common occurrence due to the "one child per family" policy that the country enforces. Maria Toth, at Premiere Christian Radio (UK) found... ... Continue Reading

Think SmallMar 25, 2011

By James Lamb

Category: Bioethics, Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life

We think big when it comes to God, and rightly so. “Heaven, even the highest heaven cannot contain him” (2 Chronicles 2:6 ESV). But today we need to think small: “O Lord, you have created all! How did you come to be so... ... Continue Reading