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Abortion Abortions drop 30 percent in Iowa in 5-year span by Tony Leys - "The numbers dipped from 6,649 in '07 to 4,648 in '12 despite a system that provides pills for the procedure." Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece: King Was Pro-Life on... ... Continue Reading

Abortion If Your Heart Isn’t Broken From Abortion, You’re Not Paying Attention by Stacie Kuhns End-of-Life Doctor Declares Miracle After Father, Dead for 45 Minutes, Wakes Up When Son Prays and Screams: 'You're Not Going to... ... Continue Reading

Abortion Duck Dynasty Stars Use Their Fame to Oppose Abortion, Promote Adoption, Abstinence by Christina Martin A Tone-deaf and Tin-Eared “abortion access activist” by Dave Andrusko Abortion Clinic Offering $50 Off Sunday... ... Continue Reading

Abortion Are You for 4th Trimester Abortions? by Steve Deace The horror show of abortion can open eyes to the truth by Ken Blackwell Gianna’s Story: Abortion Survivor Was Told She Would “Never Be Anything” by Steven... ... Continue Reading

Abortion Iowa Board of Medicine to write rules governing web-cam abortions Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D. Pro-Lifers Rally Outside ABC News to Demand Fair Coverage of Abortion by Tyler O'Neil How it’s done by Bradley Mattes -... ... Continue Reading

Abortion For Adoption or Against Abortion? by Michael Spielman What Davis Doesn’t Know About Gosnell by Jonathan S. Tobin We’re Not Gonna Take It: Time to Expose the Lies of the Pro-Abortion Media by Ryan Bomberger "We are here!"... ... Continue Reading

Abortion “Pro-Choicers” Hide From the Word Abortion, Remind Them It’s Killing a Baby by Steven Ertelt  Ask Abortion Activists Why They Favor Killing Babies Conceived in Rape by Murray Vasser ABC Lectures Pro-Life... ... Continue Reading