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The American Experience: The Orphan TrainsSep 29, 2011

By Lowell Highby

Category: Movies - Television - Video, Adoption

Tonight, I finally got around to watching an older documentary called "The American Experience: The Orphan Trains." It is excellent! Very informative--and VERY moving. The story begins in the 1850s and goes through the final orphan train in 1929... ... Continue Reading

RU-486 abortions lead to 14 maternal deaths, 2,207 adverse effects: FDA reportSep 29, 2011

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion, Bioethics

We get occassional calls asking about RU486. Here's a new article from with an update. "Fourteen U.S. women have died after taking RU-486 and a total of 2,207 reported adverse effects after using the drug, according to a report... ... Continue Reading

Angels Are Part of God’s WorldSep 29, 2011

By Kay L. Meyer

Category: General, Abortion

On the church year calendar, September 29 is set aside for St. Michael and All Angels. The selected readings for the day are Daniel 10:10-14; 12:1-3;  Revelation 7:7-12; Matthew 18:1-11 or Luke 10: 17-20. Angels are part of God’s... ... Continue Reading

Homecoming King has Special QualificationsSep 28, 2011

By Lowell Highby

Category: General, Family Living

Here's a great story from Gilbert, Iowa: "Gilbert High School students this year decided when it comes down to the qualities they’re looking for in a homecoming king, Kevin Rinehart has them in spades. The 18-year old senior has a great... ... Continue Reading

"Roe v. Wade" of Mexico/Free LFL Bulletin Insert DownloadSep 26, 2011

By Lowell Highby

Category: Abortion, Political

Here's a story from Mexico that pro-lifers are keeping an eye on. Roe v. Wade’ of Mexico: Mexico’s highest court to decide on pro-life amendments this week Lutherans For Life has a new bulletin insert on the original Roe vs. Wade... ... Continue Reading

Orphan Sunday - November 6Sep 23, 2011

By Lowell Highby

Category: Adoption, Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life

The opportunities for LFL state federations, chapters, Life Teams, and Life Ministry Coordinators to apply the Life message are endless. Here's one more. Orphan Sunday is coming up November 6. The Christian Alliance for Orphans offers a wealth of... ... Continue Reading

Kicking Off 40 Days for LifeSep 23, 2011

By James Lamb

Category: Abortion

Last night I spoke in Ames, IA at a “kick-off” rally for the 40 Days for Life campaign. I knew of 40 Days for Life and have followed their stories of babies saved, abortion facilities closed, and facility workers... ... Continue Reading