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Kathryn Jean Lopez: The New Sexual RevolutionMar 01, 2011

Category: Sexual Purity

Why are House Republicans waging “war on contraception”? I’ve lately seen the question asked, not for the first — or the last — time. Truth be told, Republicans are not waging such a war — but the phrase... ... Continue Reading

The Bible is brutally honest about human sinfulness in all its forms, including sexuality. Nevertheless, the Bible presents a consistent and clear sexual ethic. The issue is not a lack of clarity. Read more ... ... Continue Reading

British Christian Political Councilor & mother Suzanne Fernandes shares her concerns and solutions. Listen to Podcast from Premier Christian Radio  ... Continue Reading

Recently the Boy Scouts of America distanced itself from the Girl Scouts and entered into an agreement with American Heritage Girls to provide mutual support to one another. The mission of Boy Scouts has always been to prepare young men to make... ... Continue Reading An Evangelical Lutheran liberal arts college in Minnesota has raised eyebrows after videos were published exposing the school's sexually-explicit freshman orientation, which includes lessons on dorm “sex etiquette&rdquo... ... Continue Reading