Life on the Web - August 17, 2018

By Lowell Highby

Date: Aug 17, 2018

Category: Abortion, Family Living, Bioethics, End-of-Life, Movies - Television - Video, International, Worldview and Culture

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Chelsea Clinton Claims Aborting 60 Million Babies Since Roe “Added $3.5 Trillion to Our Economy” by Micaiah Bilger

Chelsea Clinton is Wrong. Killing 61 Million Babies Has Caused a GDP Deficit of $62.6 Trillion by Dennis Howard

Despite What Chelsea Clinton Says, Abortion Hurts The Economy by Juliana Knot - "Chelsea Clinton claimed that Roe v. Wade helped add $3.5 trillion to the economy. It's taken away far more."

Teen Vogue’s View of Abortion Advocacy by Amy K. Hall


The Fetal Body Parts Biz to End at UNM - What about Your University? by John Stonestreet & David Carlson - "A big win for life in New Mexico had a small beginning: believers willing to speak out."

Having Children Transforms Women’s Brains - More Evidence Men and Women Aren’t Interchangeable by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris - "Are men and women that different? The answer assumed by much of our culture is, 'no.' But any woman who’s had a baby knows better."


The Last Enemy by J.M. Njoroge

An Aboriginal viewpoint on euthanasia in Australia by Pat Dodson - "Health statistics are so bad that it is irresponsible to create another avenue to death"

California Okays Encouraging Assisted Suicide by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Kids glued to screens? Teach them the art of conversation by Thomas Lickona - "Try these 20 conversation starters with your family."


Ireland: Abortion Contagion Spreading North

Movies - Television - Video

The Story of the Century ... That You Weren't Told About by Peter Heck

Has Netflix Become A Platform For Pedophilia? by Jay Sanders

Worldview and Culture

Spiritual political warfare by Carey Appling - What do you think of the points being made in this article?

Taking Liberties - The Secular State Without the Decalogue by James M. Kushiner

Hope When You Face More than You Can Bear by Scott Churnock

Terminally ill pro-life teenager forgives online bullies by Dorothy Cummings McLean

Actress Mila Kunis shocked that anyone opposes Planned Parenthood by Katie Yoder

Zeigler Accepts Call to Serve as Speaker of The Lutheran Hour