Life on the Web - February 10, 2016

By Lowell Highby

Date: Feb 10, 2016

Category: Abortion, Family Living, Bioethics, End-of-Life, Fetal Development, Worldview and Culture

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NARAL Super Bowl ad rant shows how radical abortionists really are by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Creator Behind Doritos' 'Humanizing Fetus' Super Bowl Ad Says Ultrasound Is His Own Son by Stoyan Zaimov

The Left’s Meltdown Over Super Bowl Ads Shows Exactly How Radical It’s Become by David French


CRISPR, but no clearer about the human embryo by Javier Cuadros - "Gene editing relies on an unscientific approach to embryonic life."


Canadian doctor's chilling first encounter physicians who kill their patients by John Smeaton

Family Living

Baby Adam, whom others called a curse, shares why every child is precious by Nancy Flanders

Russians are becoming more family-oriented by Shannon Roberts

‘Dad-Do’ Super Bowl Ad Highlights A Real Need To Validate Men by Kevin Agness - "The Super Bowl ad showing fathers doing their daughters' hair points us towards other ways to recognize the good men bring our society."

Audio: The Mistakes that Men Make - "God has a real heart for families – and for your family in particular. But each of us makes mistakes that damage family relationships. We do. Especially we men. All too often, we’re not very good at being fathers and husbands, brothers and sons. Join Berni, as he takes a look at your family – from a different perspective."

Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use iPads by Tamara El-Rahi 

Worldview and Culture

College Kids Whine That Not Having Solos in a School Performance Violates Their ‘Safe Space’ by Katherine Timpf

Fear Not, My Secular Friends by David Limbaugh

Making Women Sign Up for the Draft Would be the Height of Stupidity by John Hawkins

Only a Barbaric Nation Drafts Its Mothers and Daughters into Combat by the Editors of National Review

We Are Not Our Own - The Counter-Cultural Season of Lent by John Stonestreet - "Is it all about us, or about Jesus and Him crucified? Today, we enter what may be the most counter-cultural season of the church calendar."