Life on the Web - February 22, 2016

By Lowell Highby

Date: Feb 22, 2016

Category: Abortion, Family Living, Bioethics, End-of-Life, Movies - Television - Video, Sexual Purity, Worldview and Culture

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Seven Reasons Men Have a Right to Speak Out Against Abortion by Daniel Hoffman

My babies understood why I was aborting them, woman says by Sarah Terzo

Yes, Planned Parenthood Targets And Hurts Poor Black Women by Willis L. Krumholz - "Rep. Gwen Moore uses the abortion industry’s bad statistics in an attempt to absolve Planned Parenthood of its crimes against poor, black women."

Why we must stand against this gendercide-enabling campaign from the abortion lobby by Peter D. Williams


New and Old Eugenics Reject Human Exceptionalism by Wesley J. Smith


Oregon releases its 2015 "death with dignity" stats by Michael Cook

Why Assisted Suicide is a Poison Pill - Pushing Back the Culture of Death by John Stonestreet - "The culture of death is claiming new victims -- not only at the beginning of life but also at the end of life. Why killing is never compassion ..."

Family Living

Oh No! Feminists Worried That Adele Finds Purpose In Motherhood by Mollie Hemingway

The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Leiber - "Six Steps to Curb Materialism in Your Kids"

To Your Daughter, Speak the Truth by Jen Wilkin

Children and Lent by Art Scherer

Movies - Television - Video

"Deadpool": What Pastors Want to Tell Christian Moviegoers by Kevin Porter


Court Rules Obama Admin Can Force Catholic Nun’s Television Network to Obey HHS Mandate by Steven Ertelt 

Sexual Purity

Bring Courtship Back by Alexi Sargeant

Worldview and Culture

World Medical Association to revise "Hippocratic Oath" by Michael Cook

Six Feet Under We’re All Sinning Mortals by Steve Berman

The Little Jesus Who Would by Robert Hart - "Cutting Christ Down to One Size Fits Whatever We Want"

Video: Is Jesus Real?