Life on the Web - March 29, 2019

By Lowell Highby

Date: Mar 28, 2019

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Abortion and the Church

Taking the Fifth Seriously by Judie Brown

Crisis Pregnancy

5 Ways To Help Mothers Experiencing Crisis Pregnancies by Sarah St. Onge - "It's a blessing when someone chooses life. So how can communities come together and help make an expecting mother's burden a little lighter?"


New Jersey set to become eighth state to legalize assisted suicide

Royal College of Physicians drops opposition to assisted suicide - ignoring majority of doctors in own consultation

Christian Medical Fellowship calls on doctors to respect "clear rejection" of assisted suicide

Death is dead wrong by Linda Buxa

How Assisted Suicide Creates A Cascade Of Death After It Becomes Legal by Georgi Boorman  "Belgium recently lifted all age restrictions on euthanasia. Its euthanasia committee already approved the euthanization of three minors in the past two years. One was only 9 years old, and another was 11."


10 Tips For First-Time Fathers In Their Thirties by Hans Fiene - "I am uniquely qualified to teach men my age how to alter the tricks a twenty-something dad has in his arsenal to fit a body and mind that are approaching middle age."

10 Sacrifices A Good Father Makes For His Child

Fetal Development

AMAZING: Researchers create groundbreaking images of baby hearts inside the womb


US Govt announces further crackdown on funding for overseas abortions

Movies - Television - Video

Movie review: "Unplanned" - Horror and hope by Holly Scheer

“Unplanned”: Pro-life advocate and author Abby Johnson talks about activism, faith and life by Holly Scheer

“Unplanned” Lifts the Veil On What Happens Inside Planned Parenthood by Jonathan Lange – “This movie depicts the third most common medical procedure performed on women—a procedure that is largely veiled from sight.”


Uptight for All the Wrong Reasons by Judie Brown

The Reason Democrats Voted Against Care For Babies Who Survive Abortion Is Worse Than You Think by Georgi Boorman - "If 'the line' isn’t at birth, where does one draw it? Who can’t be killed?"

Left Trying To Revive Equal Rights Amendment To Get Abortion In The Constitution by Anne Schlafly Cori and Kristan Hawkins - "Should ERA win passage, the result would be a dramatically empowered federal government on issues it decides impact women. That's a threat to women, not a protection."

The Equality Act vs. Religious Freedom - Equality for Me, but not for Thee by John Stonestreet & David Carlson - "In 2011, the Human Rights Campaign launched a video series that, according to HRC’s president, would 'help drive the national conversation about same-sex marriage.' And it did just that. The series featured professional athletes, movie stars, politicians and civil rights leaders. And look where we are today."

A number of years ago, did formulate a statement on the ERA:

Equal Rights Amendment
WHEREAS, Congressional sponsors of the proposed equal rights amendments to the Constitution of the United States have refused to reveal clearly their intent regarding the application of this amendment to abortion, arguing instead that the federal courts will have to make such determinations; and

WHEREAS, Groups favoring public funding of abortion have argued in state courts that an equal rights amendment to the state constitution mandates public funding of abortion; and

WHEREAS, Groups favoring abortion have claimed that the proposed equal rights amendment to the United States Constitution would lead to the invalidation of abortion funding restrictions and other abortion-related legislation; therefore be it

RESOLVED That Lutherans For Life opposes any equal rights amendment which discriminates against the preborn, who are most in need of legal protection to secure an equal right to life.

Sexual Purity

In Defense of Prudery by David Sandifer - "The Wisdom of the Victorian Quest for Innocence"

Worldview and Culture

Wonderful Amazement - In the Cosmos Life Is Powered by Love by James M. Kushiner

In midst of flood heartaches, Lutherans offer help, hope by Paula Schlueter Ross

What You Need to Know about Evil and Suffering by Amy K. Hall

The Single Biggest Threat to Faith: Apologetics? by Tim Barnett

A Lack of Judgment? - Why Hell Still Belongs in a Christian Worldview by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris - "If you think of American Christianity as a pendulum, we’re currently at the opposite extreme from the First Great Awakening. When Jonathan Edwards preached his famous sermon, 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,' he compared human beings with spiders, dangling by a thread over the fires of God’s just judgment, upheld only by His mercy. Accounts from the time tell of listeners who clung to the pillars of their churches, lest they fall through the floor into the Lake of Fire. Like I said, we’re no longer in this territory these days."

Feelings Follow Action by Brett and Kate McKay