Life on the Web - May 16, 2018

By Lowell Highby

Date: May 16, 2018

Category: Abortion, Family Living, End-of-Life, Political, Devotional, International, Worldview and Culture

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Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Vetoes Bill Allowing Women to See Ultrasound of Baby Before Abortion by Bill Poehler

20 States Want to Force Taxpayers to Fund the Planned Parenthood Abortion Business by Micaiah Bilger

Planned Parenthood: Abortions Must Remain Legal Because Killing Babies is Part of Basic “Health Care” by Lauretta Brown

Happy Mother’s Day … Because You Didn’t Kill Your Kid! by Chris Queen


What They See in Us by Pastor Ken Klaus


Grief-Stricken Father Tom Buries Alfie Evans, Calls His Son a “Warrior” and “Our Hero” by Steven Ertelt

Judge Overturns California Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide by Steven Ertelt

California Assisted-Suicide Law Unconstitutionally Enacted by Wesley J. Smith

American Medical Association stands firm on assisted suicide by Michael Cook - "Recent report gives a respectful thumbs-down"

Family Living

Scared Childless by Lori Harding – “I thought I wasn’t ‘good with kids’ – until I started having them.”


Irish referendum special shows that when debates are balanced, the pro-abortion side loses


An African woman's response to "reproductive rights" debate in Parliament

Worldview and Culture

The Nature of Progressive Insensitivity by Victor Davis Hanson

Headlines Like These Are Why the Media is Garbage by Peter Heck

Gender Ideology and Public Schools - These Are Our Kids by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera - "Parents today—especially in California—face really tough questions about their children’s education. One of them: Who do kids belong to?"