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Sometimes I see monsters. Sometimes I catch sight of savages.

In your speech on January 5, you tearfully recalled the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

If you can’t believe the above title of this article, please read on.

Perhaps you have seen the clever “hashtags” such as #childofgod, #todayisgreat, and #herewegoagain.

We are not here today ...

Comments from 1994.

“If you could point to one Bible verse to support your For Life position, what would it be?”

This article presents the Christian attitude toward abortion before the first ecumenical council, that is, until AD 325.

Based on a variety of media and pro-life sources, Newsmax has compiled this roster of the nation’s top 100 pro-life icons.

I was not as surprised as many seemed to be. I’m talking about reactions to the ever-increasing number of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing obtaining and selling body parts from aborted babies.

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