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Medical Directive Statements/Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
Our friends at Christian Life Resources have developed a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care - Christian Version document to enable Christians to provide informed, legal and Christ-centered direction for their medical care in the event they can no longer express their wishes. This is a legal document that allows you to designate a person to serve as your health care agent, allows you to make some selections regarding the kind of treatment or care you want provided, and includes a Christian witness to your faith and to the sanctity of human life. Click at the links above to find out more.

Families belong together! Immigrants (refugees?) sometimes attempt unapproved entry into our country.

Darkness or Light – Science, Technology, and Bioethics

I hope you’re entering 2018 with as much excitement as I am! We get to do so much good!

Hope For Life

When does life begin?

It is with sadness too deep for words that you, my friend, mourn the death of your beloved wife.

Charlie Gard turned eleven months old on Independence Day.

On June 9, the Lutherans For Life board of directors, state federation presidents, and national staff, held their 2017 retreat at Lied Lodge & Conference Center in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Affirming life is hardly a party.

As a passionate advocate for those with disabilities, one who daily parents a young adult with a disability and works with individuals and families living with disabilities, I often hear emotional comments from the heartbroken to the callous.