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When I was asked to write an article on gender roles and their effects on families, at first I thought I’d just take a trip through the Bible’s friendly countryside, being sure to stop here and there for visits with the familiar texts.

You’ve all seen it. The misguided pro-life zealot who blew up the abortion clinic.

Whenever I read Scripture that talks about how much God loves each of us, that He has created us, and that He wants us to share His love, I am always struck by the lack of qualifiers.

From Age to Age the Same

Many, many couples and families endure the grief of pregnancy loss.

We are blessed to live in a country with many freedoms, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For Life and Living with Disability

All children have special needs.

Jeff and Melissa didn’t exactly expect the change that became their new way of life, but they graciously accepted it as they love and respect God’s gift of life and see all human life as precious, no matter one’s age or abilities.

Life with disability in the family is about the same things any and every person longs for—a place to belong.

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