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... but the angels are dancing.

Families belong together! Immigrants (refugees?) sometimes attempt unapproved entry into our country.

In Holiness and Honor – Sex and Family Life in a Fallen World

What does sex have to do with life issues?

I hope you’re entering 2018 with as much excitement as I am! We get to do so much good!

Two stories were shared recently by national LFL team members that highlight the value of these precious brothers and sisters.

When the Trump administration announced in August 2017 a shift in funding from “comprehensive sex education” to “abstinence only,” the public outcry warned that the sky was falling down.

I have heard many horror stories of young Christian women trying to deal with their unplanned pregnancies.

Now’s our chance! Life’s sanctity is seismically shifting our culture.

As fond as we are of fantasizing that former means better, previous generations were no less evil than present ones, and our youth was just as wicked as today’s kids are.