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Darkness or Light – Science, Technology, and Bioethics

A couple months ago, something came across my desk that I still find hard to believe.

In addition to all they do to serve Gospel-centered life affirmation and Lutherans For Life in their local communities, we would like to thank the following Life Chapters for their support of National Lutherans For Life during 2017.

Lutherans For Life is very grateful to the following congregational auxiliaries and organizations for their financial support in 2017.

What a great time to be Lutherans For Life!

I’ll let our chapter leader tell you what happened next.

A boy who watched helplessly as his father was mauled to death by a tiger ...

In Holiness and Honor – Sex and Family Life in a Fallen World

Owen’s Mission, a special project of Lutherans For Life (LFL) since 2013, recently made its $175,000 funding goal.

I was invited to Hawaii as the first representative from Lutherans For Life to visit the islands.

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