Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life article list

These words are very uplifting for all of us who work to affirm life and give us assurance our work is not in vain.

As a ministry concerned with life, our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones as well as to those injured or suffering property losses.

The Lord be with you! And the Lord be with Angela. Because Angela needs Jesus. That’s why Angela needs you. Angela just turned fifty-three. She lives in a working-class suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. She cleans meeting rooms and pushes mail bins for...

Two stories were shared by national LFL team members that highlight the value of these precious brothers and sisters.

Reformation Day doesn’t commemorate one man.

Our message about God’s gift of life for Jesus’ sake is transforming the world.

I returned last month to Safe Harbour Lutheran Church in George Town, Grand Cayman

Life issues didn’t arise overnight.

At one time or another, everyone will be told they need a Will, but according to a recent survey, only about 40% of American adults actually have one.

God’s Adopted Children

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