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Lutherans For Life mourns the death of a noble voice for life ...

On Ash Wednesday, many congregations impose ashes made from the palm leaves of last year’s Palm Sunday.

In your speech on January 5, you tearfully recalled the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

If you can’t believe the above title of this article, please read on.

We are not here today ...

This article presents the Christian attitude toward abortion before the first ecumenical council, that is, until AD 325.

Lutherans For Life (LFL) joins so many others in mourning the death of Dr. Maggie Karner.

The 2015 Lutherans For Life National Conference is coming up soon! Here are 10 reasons you should join us!

I was not as surprised as many seemed to be. I’m talking about reactions to the ever-increasing number of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing obtaining and selling body parts from aborted babies.

When the French political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville visited America in the 1830s, he was struck by something he couldn’t quite express—and so he coined a new word to describe the American spirit: “individualism.”