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Two stories were shared by national LFL team members that highlight the value of these precious brothers and sisters.

Reformation Day doesn’t commemorate one man.

What makes a good window? That’s easy! A good window is clear and colorless, fully transparent, so you can get a good look at whatever is on the other side. That’s the point of a window, right? It lets you see outside.

Our message about God’s gift of life for Jesus’ sake is transforming the world.

When the Trump administration announced in August 2017 a shift in funding from “comprehensive sex education” to “abstinence only,” the public outcry warned that the sky was falling down.

Can One Age’s Slavery be Another Age’s Freedom?

I returned last month to Safe Harbour Lutheran Church in George Town, Grand Cayman

Life issues didn’t arise overnight.

God’s Adopted Children

Marian and her husband, Roger, have been longtime supporters of Lutherans For Life.

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