Life Legacy Society

Life Legacy Society – Proclaiming Life with Future Generations

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What is the Life Legacy Society?
The Life Legacy Society is a group of dedicated Christians who have been led by the Lord to provide financial support for Lutherans For Life beyond their lifetimes.

Options for Giving

Your Will or Living Trust
Planning and writing your will or living trust is a personal privilege and Christian responsibility. Not only does it assume that your estate is handled as you wish, it also provides funding for LFL to share the life-affirming message with future generations.

Bequest language:
“I give and bequeath _____% of my estate (or the sum of $_____ ) to Lutherans For Life, 1101 5th Street, Nevada, Iowa, 50201, 515-382-2077, (EIN 41-1374293), to be used at the discretion of its Board of Directors in accordance with its mission.”

Church Extension (or other) Savings Account
Leaving what remains in your church extension fund (or a % thereof) after you are called home to Heaven is one of the easiest ways to designate an estate gift to LFL. There are usually two steps: First, call the holder of your fund (example; your national or district church extension fund) and ask for a change of beneficiary form; Second, change the beneficiary to LFL (or a % thereof with the remaining $ amount left to family, etc.). Proceeds to LFL should be so designated; “Lutherans For Life, 1101 5th Street, Nevada, Iowa, 50201, 515-382-2077, (EIN 41-1374293), to be used at the discretion of its Board of Directors in accordance with its mission.”

IRA 401 (or other) Retirement Fund Gift
Compared to other types of gifts, a beneficiary change on your individual retirement account (IRA) can be among the most tax advantageous to you and your family. By changing a beneficiary on an IRA to Lutherans For Life, you can avoid any tax liability to your family and you can make a significant gift to support the Lord’s work.

Life Insurance Gift
You can use a life insurance policy you already own or create a new one to fund God’s work through LFL. You can name LFL as a beneficiary on a new or existing policy, or you can change ownership of the policy to LFL and receive a charitable deduction equal to the cash value.

Charitable Gift Annuity
This gift offers regular, fixed payments for your lifetime and the life of another if you choose. The rate, payment amount, and charitable deduction are based upon the age of the recipient(s) named at the time the gift annuity is established.

Charitable Trust
If you currently own appreciated stocks, bonds, or farm or rental property that you would like to sell, you can transfer these assets into a trust. You and your named income recipients will receive an attractive income payment for a specified period of time. Upon termination of the trust (due to the death of the named recipient or expiration of the timeframe agreed upon), the principal goes to Lutherans For Life. A charitable trust is irrevocable and offers considerable tax savings.

LFL Endowment Fund
Your gift may be directed to the Lutherans For Life Endowment Fund. There are several categories in the endowment fund where your gift may be used to support the mission of LFL.

Share the Life Message
You can help share the life message of Jesus Christ and help Lutherans for Life accomplish its mission and vision for the future by becoming a supporter of the Life Legacy Society.

LFL’s development department will be happy to explain these and other estate planning options more in depth. Just call 888.364.LIFE and ask for the development department. You may also complete and mail in the reply form in the Life Legacy brochure.