Life Ministry FAQs

How is Life Ministry organized?
Your approach will depend on your unique location and congregational and community needs. A Life Team within a local congregation is the ideal or a local Life Chapter of Lutherans For Life may work best in some situations. 

What is a Life Team?
A Life Team is a congregationally based group. The Life Team becomes part of the congregation’s structure much like a mission’s team or evangelism committee. The goal is to make addressing the life issues a part of the ongoing Gospel ministry of the congregation.   

How is a Life Team Leader selected?
The Life Team Leader is selected by the pastor in collaboration with members of the congregation. 

What is a Life Chapter of Lutherans for Life?
A Life Chapter is a local organization that has been chartered by National Lutherans For Life. A Life Chapter may consist of members from one, or many congregations.

The Life Chapter is formally associated with and subject to, but not a part of, the corporation known as Lutherans For Life, Inc. National Lutherans For Life, in IRS language, is a “central organization.” When a Life Chapter is formed it becomes an “affiliated subordinate,” again using IRS terms, of National Lutherans For Life. This means the chapter may use the name Lutherans For Life and do things in the name of Lutherans For Life.  

However, it does not mean that National’s non-profit, federal tax-exempt status applies to the Life Chapter. If a Life Chapter wants to claim federal tax-exempt status and allow contributions made directly to the Life Chapter to be deductible as a charitable gift, then the Life Chapter must apply for its own 501(c)(3) status. The Life Chapter may not need to be incorporated to do this. Consult a local CPA or attorney for more information. A helpful pamphlet in becoming a 501(c)(3) is IRS publication 557, “Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization.” This may be obtained from the IRS by calling 800-829-3676 or on-line at It is wise to wait until your chapter matures before making a decision about tax-exempt status.

How is a Life Chapter leader selected?
Life Chapter leaders are elected by the Life Chapter members according to the procedure spelled out in the Life Chapter’s constitution and/or bylaws.

What is a State Federation?
A State Federation is an organization that has been chartered by Lutherans For Life, Inc. in a state where there are at least five chartered Life Chapters. Where a State Federation exists, the Life Chapters also become affiliated with the State Federation. This occurs automatically at the same time a Life Chapter becomes chartered by Lutherans For Life, Inc. These relationships are basically the same whether or not the Life Chapter is incorporated.

Thus, Lutherans For Life consists of a network of individual entities formally associated with each other. LFL State Federations also network with the Life Teams in their state to provide assistance and guidance in both in-reach and out-reach when it comes to sharing God’s For Life message.

What type of training is available for Life Team or Life Chapter leaders and members?
Lutherans For Life offers training through a partner organization, Churches For Life. This training may be completed in person (in St. Louis, Missouri) or through DVDs and a workbook. Each Life Team or Life Chapter has a unique focus and mission for incorporating and implementing the life issues in their congregation or area. 

Please email  if you would like more information. 

How do I get started?
Determine if your group is better fitted to be an LFL Life Chapter or a Life Team. If you are not sure, give LFL a call and we will be pleased to help. 

We will provide you with information on forming a Life Chapter (incorporation, etc.) or a Life Team depending on your selection. PLEASE email  if you have any more questions or if you need help deciding between a chapter or Life Team.