Planned Gifts and Estate Planning

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Lutherans For Life exists for the preborn, children, young people, women and men facing a crisis pregnancy, women and men experiencing the aftermath of abortion, people with disabilities and terminal illness, and the elderly.

Estate planning, wills, and living trusts are “For” people as well. They not only help families—both before and after the death of a loved one—they also can be of help to ministries such as Lutherans For Life.

The work of Lutherans For Life—equipping Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life—can be helped through various planned gifts, life-income agreements, endowments and memorial funds.

Have You Drafted a Will or Living Trust?

Did you know that the state in which you live has already written a will for you?

However, the state does not know your wishes or desires. The will you write would supercede the state’s will if up-to-date and properly written.

If you have questions, ask your attorney to explain to you what kind of will the state has already written for you. You will learn that:

  1. The state’s will makes no provision for certain loved ones in the special way you want.

  2. There are no provisions for gifts to your favorite mission or charity, or for your home congregation.

  3. There is no provision for helping to spread God’s Word in the unique way that LFL does.

Consider making provision for LFL in your estate plan. To find out more call 888.364.LIFE (5433) or email

Ways to accomplish personal and family goals include:

  • Special Tax-Qualified Trusts (Planned Gifts) 

  • Charitable Gift Annuities (Life-Income Agreements) 

  • Endowments and Memorial Plans

  • and other individual plans.

Planned Gifts
You can develop a plan to continue your support of Lutherans For Life. Special tax-qualified trusts and annuities allow you to:

  1. Contribute cash, stocks, or real property while retaining an income for the rest of your life.

  2. Receive many tax benefits.

  3. Be confident that, after you have been called home, your remaining assets will continue to do God’s work through LFL.

Life-Income Agreements
Special tax-qualified Trusts and Annuities:

(1) Unitrust

  • Provides a lifetime income

  • Allows tax benefits in the form of charitable deductions and capital gains savings

  • Provides a trust fund that grows tax-free

(2) Gift Annuity

  • Allows you to transfer property while retaining a regular, guaranteed income for the rest of your life; part of the income is tax-free

  • Provides charitable deductions and capital gains benefits

  • Can be set up for one or two lifetimes

Endowment and Memorial Funds
Endowments and memorial funds can be managed for your benefit and to help Lutherans For Life.

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