2016 LFL National Conference - Allen Quist - Creation and What You May Not Know

By Allen Quist

Date: October 22, 2016

Category: Featured Video, Audio and Video, Creation, Worldview and Culture

Series: LFL National Conference

Over 200 Lutherans gathered October 21-22 at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Bloomington, Minnesota, from across the United States, Canada, and Latvia, for the 2016 Lutherans For Life National Conference. The theme: Here We Stand.

Allen Quist on “Creation and What You May Not Know” – Those who support abortion on demand commonly defend their position by using an evolutionary model. They say that an unborn child, at various stages of development, is not fully human but is similar to an amphibian, a fish, or even a flatworm. Such arguments ignore our modern understanding of genetics and reveal an ignorance of the genuine evidence for evolution. This presentation describes how new information about human genetics, and evolution versus creation, strongly supports the pro-life position.