2017 LFL Regional Conferences Fighting Sex Trafficking – From the Stage to the Front Lines

By David Zach

Date: October 21, 2017

Category: Featured Video, Christian Responsibility, Audio and Video, Sexual Purity, Family Living, Worldview and Culture

Series: LFL National Conference

David Zach has joined a volunteer force of undercover operatives that go into brothels in the red-light districts where underage girls and boys are sold by the hour. His role while undercover with the counter-trafficking organization, The Exodus Road, is to identify instances of minors being sold and to capture actionable evidence of their trafficking using covert gear, some of which is funded by the Remedy Drive community and fan base. The idea that “justice is in the hands of the ordinary” is a major theme of both David’s conversations and the emphasis of the band. If an ordinary song writer from Nebraska can contribute to the freedom of trafficked girls and boys from around the world, then we all have a unique role to play in the arenas of justice, compassion, and mercy.

Hope For Life - 2017 LFL Regional Conferences