2017 LFL Regional Conferences - Life … a Gift from God

By Barb Geistfeld

Date: October 7, 2017

Category: Featured Video, Abortion, Audio and Video, Bioethics, Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life, Abortion and the Church, Worldview and Culture, Fetal Development

Series: LFL National Conference

Christians have traditionally valued life as a gift from God, but what does that mean? When does life start? What does it mean to be “Gospel-motivated voices for Life”? How do we address the dozens of life issues that surround all of us in our daily lives? Dr. Barbara Lane Geistfeld, Lutherans For Life Regional Director of Texas, wants to help you answer these questions. Her presentation takes us on a visual journey from conception to natural death and addresses issues that face every one of us: young or old, retired or working, man or woman, parent or grandparent, husband or wife, single or married. We live in a worldwide culture of death. How can Christians speak up for life with Gospel-motivated, loving voices? How can we be active forces for God’s precious gift of life in our churches and communities? Come and see!!

Hope For Life - 2017 LFL Regional Conferences