2017 LFL Regional Conferences - Pregnancy Centers vs. Illinois Law Requiring Abortion Information” and the value of pregnancy centers

By Sherry Sherwood

Date: November 11, 2017

Category: Featured Video, After the Abortion, Abortion, Audio and Video, Crisis Pregnancy, Fetal Development

Series: LFL National Conference

Being the CEO of 12 pregnancy centers across several states is no small task, yet this is what Sherry Sherwood does on a daily basis. When Illinois passed legislation that required all pregnancy centers to share information about abortion clinics, she and many others stepped up and shifted into gear to find a way to oppose this harmful legislation. She will share with us what has been done and the current status of their actions. The work of all pregnancy centers is vital to curbing the abortion industry, and they fight many obstacles daily in their efforts. This legislation is just one of many hurdles they overcome every hour of every day. Prayer is their biggest weapon as the Lord leads the way for these champions For Life as they help save those precious babies and help the many mothers in need.