2017 LFL Regional Conferences - The Loss of Life and Liberty in the Pursuit of Happiness

By Peter J. Scaer

Date: September 16, 2017

Category: Featured Video, Christian Responsibility, Abortion, Audio and Video, Sharing the Message of Lutherans For Life, Abortion and the Church, Worldview and Culture, Political

Series: LFL National Conference

There is so much that we know from Scripture regarding the life issues. Yet, even with the clarity we have we can be influenced by society and the misleading information we hear almost daily. It is important that we stay in touch with God’s Word rather than our own understanding and thus be willing to speak up when the world is wrong.

Dr. Peter J. Scaer will enlighten us with a firm scriptural foundation to support why we are For Life.

Hope For Life - 2017 LFL Regional Conferences