An Interview with Pastor Larry White: Abortion - Denial of the Gospel? How So?

By Laurence White

Date: January 20, 2019

Category: Audio, Christian Responsibility, After the Abortion, Abortion, Abortion and the Church, Worldview and Culture

Series: LifeTube audio

Interview Part A

Interview Part B

Science can’t tell us where life comes from, why we’re here, or what makes us special. We rely on God’s word to tell us about the sanctity of human life. The church’s failure to oppose and end abortion is a denial of the Gospel of Christ. We’ve given in on sexual immorality, divorce, and “alternate” gender choices, etc. In a world where anything goes abortion will remain a practical necessity. How can the unbeliever accept the credibility of anything we profess if we remain conforming cowards? Join host Matt Popovits as we hear from Pastor Larry White in this special Sanctity of Life Sunday interview

Source: Engaging Truth