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Allen Quist is Professor of Political Science at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. He is a widely recognized writer and speaker in Minnesota and across the United States. Allen Quist is author of five books, the most recent being America's Schools: The Battleground for Freedom. Quist authored the best-selling book, FedEd: The New Federal Curriculum and How It's Enforced.

Professor Quist served three terms in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1983 to 1988. In the Minnesota House, he served as Chair of the Social Services Subcommittee and also served on the House Education Committee. Professor Quist played an influential role in legalizing home schools in Minnesota. He was the Republican endorsed candidate for Minnesota Governor in 1994, and was one of seven delegates elected from Minnesota to the White House Conference on Families in 1980.

Allen Quist has been a member of two school boards and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minnesota), a Master of Arts degree from Mankato State University (Mankato, Minnesota), and a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Bethany Theological Seminary (Mankato, Minnesota). He and his wife, Julie, are the parents of ten grown children and live in rural St. Peter, Minnesota.

Alternate Bio

The Honorable Allen Quist was professor of psychology at Bethany Lutheran College from 1968 to 1981. In 1981 he was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives where he served three terms from 1982 until 1987. He served as chair of the social services subcommittee and vice-chair of the human services committee. While in the House, Quist was the author of numerous bills and amendments. He was chief author of the bill that created Minnesota’s Department of Jobs and Training, replacing the old department of economic security. Quist was also chief author of the bill that led to the legalizing of homeschooling in Minnesota.

In the governmental arena, Quist has received numerous awards, including the Legislator of the Year award given by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, the Advocates for Hearts award given by the American Heart Association, and the Vigilant Guardian Award given by California’s Eagle Forum.

Quist was the Republican-endorsed candidate for governor of Minnesota in 1994 but lost in the primary to the incumbent governor, Arnie Carlson. He has been the Minnesota chair of three United States presidential campaigns.

Allen Quist is a nationally recognized researcher and writer. He has authored sevon previous books, one of them being an unofficial best-seller with sales of over 13,000 copies. As a researcher, Quist uncovered the extraordinary marriage penalty hidden in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The results of his research were widely publicized in a variety of national venues, including Family Life in Focus. The prestigious Heritage Foundation used Quist’s work as the starting point of its own research and exposé on the marriage penalty.

Allen Quist’s primary interest and area of research is in Christian apologetics. While a professor at Bethany Lutheran College, Quist taught a course in apologetics called “The Case for Christianity.” In 2014 he was one of two featured speakers at the Bjarne Wollen Teigen Reformation Lectures on the topic of apologetics. He has been a frequent speaker at various national conferences and other events, especially those focusing on Christian apologetics and natural law.

Quist holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minnesota); a Master of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota, Mankato; and a post-graduate Divinity degree from Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary (Mankato, Minnesota). He and his wife, Julie, live in rural St. Peter, Minnesota, where he runs a farm together with his son Nathan. Allen and Julie have ten children and 44 grandchildren.