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To schedule a presentation with Andrew Schatkin email him at   or call 516.932.8120 or 718.229.2761.

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General topics that Mr. Schatkin will speak on include:

  • Mentoring For Life

  • Impacting today’s culture

  • Adoption

  • Biblical bases for the value of human life

  • Creation

  • Persons with disabilities

He is open to speaking to any age group from pre-kindergarten through adult in settings that include schools, colleges, Bible studies, preaching, church organizations, and public forums.

Mr. Schatkin is willing to travel nationwide.

Andrew Schatkin is the proprietor of a law firm in New York City and Long Island. The firm is both international and national in its outreach. Mr. Schatkin has written five book chapters in various areas of law and have published two books, Select Legal Topics and Essays on the Christian Worldview. He has also entered the colloquy program of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Mr. Schatkin has a background in international law with degrees from the Netherlands and Strasbourg, France. He has served in Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregations in Pennsylvania and New York.

Mr. Schatkin wrote, "My position on the issue of abortion is connected with my personal conviction that all forms of life have value, whether in the womb or in death ... We do know this much as Christians: God created all beings, came to the Earth to redeem and save them, and died for all generations, from the very beginning to the end of the future ... I would also like to explain that the Church’s opposition to abortion is not based on some outdated male dominance, but is based on the value attached by God to every living and even, dying person. For the same reason, I would oppose physician-assisted suicide since we cannot know what is happening to that person in relation to God ... For the same reason, I attach a value to the disabled in the same way. I would be willing to speak at any location with regard to this core value and I emphasize that the wrong here, is the death of an innocent, who was never given a chance, or given their potential. Many people say that in the same way the death penalty should not be enforced. That may be so, but the death penalty is the State’s punishment to the wrongdoer. It is not the execution of the innocent and putting that innocent in a garbage can."

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