Speakers Bureau - Ed Szeto

Szeto_EdTo schedule a presentation with Ed Szeto contact him at 571.481.8830 or via e-mail: .

Possible topics include:

  • Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

  • Are Life Issues Just Political or Social Issues?

  • The Biblical Blueprint for Life Issues

  • Loving the Least

  • Sexual Purity

  • The Basics on Advance Directives

  • God’s View of the Value of Life

  • The Facts of Life and Death

  • God’s Knitting Room

  • What Gives Value to Human Life?

  • Biotechnology 101: A Primer

Topic Descriptions

The following is a list of presentations that Ed Szeto is prepared to do. The times after the titles are estimates as each presentation can be lengthened or shortened as needed.

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia (40 min.; Adult.)
This presentation talks about the attitudes behind those who favor assisted suicide and euthanasia. There is a discussion of the physician-assisted suicide legislation in Oregon, which is the only state that has legalized assisted suicide. The presentation ends with a discussion on how Christians and the Church are to look at these end-of-life issues. Written by Ed Szeto.

Are Life Issues Just Political or Social Issues? (45 min.; High School to Adult.)
The presentation begins with a quick review of how societies that do not recognize God have treated human life. There are brief discussions about how these societies have condoned human sacrifice. The look at the worldview ends with Nazi Germany and how the Nazis treated those “unworthy of life.” The discussion then focuses on what a Christian’s view of life should be as framed by God’s Word. The presentation continues with a discussion of various life issues that are called political (abortion), social (pre-marital sex and marriage), medical (embryonic stem cell research, assisted suicide, euthanasia), scientific (human cloning), and legal (advance directives). Through it all, the listener is challenged to answer a fundamental question: “Are Life Issues Just Political or Social [or Medical or Scientific or Legal] Issues?”

The Biblical Blueprint for Life Issues (50 min.; High School to Adult.)
This presentation covers many of the life issues that LFL is involved with and points to the Bible as the foundation for why we must speak out for life. All issues are covered briefly and include: abortion, biotechnologies, marriage, sexual purity, modesty of dress, disabilities, end-of-life, and the elderly. Written by Ed Szeto.

Loving the Least (20 min.; High School.)
This presentation is similar to the previous presentation but is scripted for high school students. The base presentation was prepared by Connie Davis, LFL of Michigan; the additional material was prepared by Ed Szeto.

Sexual Purity (45 min.; Grade 6 to High School.)
This presentation begins with the basics on why human life is precious (created and redeemed by God). Since we were bought with a price, we discuss the basics on why sexual purity is important. It discusses the reason we should be concerned with how we dress and also what it means to be men who are chivalrous. This presentation was written by Ed Szeto and is based on several works by Rev. Dr. James Lamb and Linda Bartlett.

The Basics on Advance Directives (25 min.; Adult.)
This presentation is based on the brochure from LFL of the same name. Added information includes definitions of certain legal terms used in advance directives. The presentation also includes a discussion on how living wills may eventually lead to legalized euthanasia.

God’s View of the Value of Life (12 min.; Grades K-8)
This presentation is an updated version of the old slide presentation available from LFL. It begins with optical illusions and then proceeds to talk about the fact that how we see things are not always how God sees things. We talk about the value of life and how God views all life as precious. This is useful for a chapel program.

The Facts of Life and Death (60 min.; High School to Adult.)
This presentation talks about the facts and statistics behind several life issues. It begins with a brief look at how babies develop in the womb, and then moves on to the statistics about abortion, STDs, and physician assisted suicide (in Oregon). The presentation was written by Ed Szeto.

God’s Knitting Room (10 min.; Grades K-8.)
This is appropriate for a school chapel message and describes how a baby grows in his mother’s womb. Photos compare fetal models with common household objects (key, comb, toothbrush, drinking straw) so children can understand the actual size of a baby in his mother. This presentation was written by Connie Davis, president of LFL of Michigan. There are also two entire chapel programs available for this message: one was written by Connie Davis and Ed Szeto, the other was written by Rev. Aaron Asmus (LCMS).

What Gives Value to Human Life? (35 min.; Grade 5 to Adult.)
This is good for confirmation classes and Bible studies. The presentation begins with God's Word and then walks through the development of a baby in the womb. This is based on a Bible study and presentation prepared by Rev. Dr. James Lamb.

What Gives Value to Human Life? (Children’s version) (40 min.; Grades 1-4.)
This is a presentation combining the above version of “What Gives Value to Human Life?” and “God’s Knitting Room.” This is appropriate for an elementary school assembly.

Biotechnology 101: A Primer (45 min.; High School to Adult.)
A basic introduction to four biotechnologies that touch our lives: in vitro fertilization, stem cell research, cloning, and genetic engineering. A good discussion starter for the age old question, "Just because we can do something, does that mean we should?" This presentation is adapted from one part of a four-part seminar that Rev. Dr. James Lamb prepared.

Presentations can be combined. For example: "What Gives Value to Human Life?" and "Biotechnology 101: A Primer." Additionally, presentations for topics not currently covered may be developed if requested. Please contact Ed Szeto if you have any questions.


Ed Szeto is the former director of outreach for National Lutherans For Life (LFL). During his four years on the staff of LFL, Ed traveled over 190,000 miles and spoke to over 27,000 people of all ages in a variety of settings. He has spoken in Lutheran and Christian elementary schools, Lutheran high schools, and on college campuses nationwide. Some of the college campuses Ed has visited include: Central Michigan State University, Concordia University River Forest, Concordia University Portland, Dickinson (ND) State College, Iowa State University (Ames), Kansas State University (Manhattan), Kansas University (Lawrence), Kansas University Medical Center (Kansas City), and Valparaiso University.

Ed is the founding president of Lutherans For Life of the Mid-Atlantic States, the regional affiliate of Lutherans For Life that serves Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC. He has been an active member of LFL since 1997 and has helped organize local and regional events in New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Ed has also served in various positions within Lutherans For Life New Jersey Shore chapter, including president. He has helped organize the chapter’s annual Diaper Derby; edited the monthly newsletter; and manned display tables at LWML zone rallies, at various events in different churches, and at LC-MS NJ district conventions.

At Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church (Point Pleasant, NJ), Ed served on the board of trustees and on the board of elders. He served as both Sunday school superintendent and as Sunday school teacher. Ed was involved with the VBS Program for six years and has led adult Bible study groups.

In the community, Ed served on the Board of Trustees of the Open Door Pregnancy Center in Toms River, NJ for three and a half years. During most of his tenure, he served as the treasurer of the organization.

Ed is a Certified Lay Minister of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. He completed his training and education through the TEE program of Concordia University Wisconsin and is eligible to be a Commissioned Minister of Religion.

Ed has a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering from Boston University and is a planner with an international engineering consulting firm. His duties include marketing the firm in the Mid-Atlantic States, project management, proposal development, arranging teaming options with peer firms, and contacting potential new clients.