Speakers Bureau - James I. Lamb

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Possible topics include:

  • The Message, Mission, and Manner of Lutherans For Life

  • The Handiwork of God

  • Jesus the Zygote

  • Chastity, the Choice of Champions

  • Matters of the Heart

  • The Basics on Advance Directives

  • Healing Broken Hearts

  • God's Knitting Room

  • Biotechnology 101: A Primer

  • The Other End of Life

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Topic Descriptions:

Dr. Lamb is willing to speak on any of the life issues and would be happy to adapt to your needs. He is also willing to speak in a variety of settings including schools, churches, men’s or women’s groups, conventions, and conferences.

The Mission, Message, and Manner of Lutherans For Life (45 minutes)
This is a basic presentation on the uniqueness of Lutherans For Life. LFL is not a political, pro-life organization. Our mission—witnessing to the sanctity of life based on the Word of God,—our message—the life-changing Gospel of Jesus, and our manner—speaking the truth in love—make us ministry that wants to help the church apply these 3M’s to the life issues.

The Handiwork of God (45 minutes)
When facing difficult ethical questions—infertility, an unplanned pregnancy, end-of-life decisions, chronic disease and terminal illness, and others—Christians have a basis for decision making that the world does not have. Before asking, “What should I do?” in a difficult situation, we ask, “What has God done?” The answer: He created us with His hands. He redeemed us with His hands nailed to a cross. He holds us in His hands. This is our unique perspective that informs our decisions. (Dr. Lamb will do shorter versions for chapels or school presentations and is also willing to present this to confirmation classes.)

Jesus the Zygote (45 minutes)
This unique presentation focuses on the conception of Jesus and the value this gives to every human life. Because Jesus was an embryo, He gives value to all embryos and all life at every stage of development.
Chastity, the Choice of Champions (45 minutes)
For Junior and Senior high students. This presentation offers youth a positive motivation for choosing chastity—the Gospel of Jesus. God has made us all “champions.” We can make good and God-pleasing decisions.

Matters of the Heart (45 minutes)
This presentation is designed for pastors. As under shepherds of the Good Shepherd, pastors have to deal with many “matters of the heart,” things that deeply affect the lives of their people. Everyday faithful pastors are applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these matters, weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice. The life issues facing our society (e.g. abortion, end-of-life decisions, infertility, and embryonic stem cell research) may also be “matters of the heart” for God’s people. These, too, need to be dealt with by God’s shepherds. People struggling with these issues need to hear the Gospel applied to them as well. Dr. Lamb will offer some thoughts and suggestions on dealing with these issues within the congregation from a Gospel-based perspective. He will have samples of LFL resources available to aid pastors and congregations in doing so. He will also welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions.

The Basics on Advance Directives (45 min.)
Dr. Lamb helps in our understanding of advance directives like the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. This leads into a discussion on removing or not starting treatments. Is that ever okay for a Christian? The entire presentation is based on our unique perspective as Christians who live under the cross of Jesus and in hope of the resurrection.

Healing Broken Hearts (60 minutes)
When the reality of a past abortion decision strikes, a heart is broken. Post Abortion Syndrome is a very real struggle for many women and men involved in making this “choice.” These folks are in our pews. They not only need to hear the Gospel, they need to hear it applied to the sin of abortion. This presentation will help inform about the need for hope, the message of hope, and creating an atmosphere of hope in our congregations. It will help people better understand and reach out to those hurting because of an abortion decision. (By adding speakers who touch on the emotional and psychological affects of an abortion decision, this can be part of a 3-4 hour seminar. LFL would be glad to help set this up.)

God’s Knitting Room (7 min.)
This is appropriate for a school chapel message and describes how a baby grows in his mother’s womb. Photos compare fetal models with common household objects (key, comb, toothbrush, drinking straw) so children can understand the actual size of a baby in his mother. This presentation was written by Connie Davis, president of LFL of Michigan. There are also two entire chapel programs available for this message: one was written by Connie Davis and Ed Szeto, the other was written by Rev. Aaron Asmus.

Biotechnology 101: A Primer (40 min.)
A basic introduction to four biotechnologies that touch our lives: in vitro fertilization, stem cell research, cloning, and genetic engineering. A good discussion starter for the age old question, "Just because we can do something, does that mean we should?" This presentation is adapted from one part of a four-part seminar.

The Other End of Life (45 min.)
Advances in life sustaining technology, increasing health care costs, and a culture that offers death as a solution to our problems all combine to raise many questions about end-of-life concerns. What about the problem of suffering? Can Christians ever stop a particular treatment? Can we refuse treatment? Is it okay to have a Living Will or other Advance Directives? This presentation will focus on the fact that Christians have a unique, Gospel-centered approach to dealing with these and other questions that come up regarding “The Other End of Life.” 


Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb grew up in the small, southern Minnesota town of Good Thunder. There he married his childhood sweetheart, RoxAnne. The Lambs have been blessed with two sons, a wonderful woman they claim as their daughter, and six grandchildren. Dr. Lamb and RoxAnne live in Marshalltown, Iowa. Dr. Lamb received a B.A. in Biology from Mankato State University in 1973. In 1975 he enlisted in the USAF and served as an Emergency Medical Technician at the USAF Academy Hospital in Colorado Springs. He entered Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, in 1978, served his vicarage year at St. Paul, Royal Oak, Michigan; and graduated with a Master of Divinity in 1982. In 1994 he received his Doctor of Ministry from Concordia, St. Louis. Prior to accepting the position of Executive Director of National Lutherans For Life in April 1996, Dr. Lamb served as senior pastor at St. Paul, Garner, Iowa, for fourteen years. During this time he also served as Circuit Counselor, Zone LWML Counselor, member of the board of directors for Lutheran Family Service of Iowa, chairman of the board of directors for a community/school youth program, spiritual advisor for a local Lutherans For Life chapter, and chaplain of the Garner Volunteer Fire Department. He presently serves on the Sanctity of Life Committee for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Life Ministries. He speaks nationally and internationally, focusing on the God-given value of human life. He is the author of numerous sermons, devotionals, brochures, articles, and essays connecting God’s Word of Life to the life issues. Dr. Lamb retired as executive director of Lutherans For Life on December 31, 2015.