Speakers Bureau - Patti Smith

To schedule a presentation with Patti Smith, contact her at 714.846.7445 or .


Patti Smith was born in 1955 to Dorothy Longhenry. She was also adopted in 1955 by Edward and Frieda O’Haggarty. She is a native of southern California, residing in Huntington Beach. Patti has three children: Jeremy, Jeffrey, and Amanda. She is also grandmother to Bella, Zach, and Emma.

Prior to retiring in 2012, Patti was a professional recruiter. Since retiring, she has been an active volunteer for Lutherans For Life and is a Life Team Leader. Patti is a church musician and social media facilitator for Crusade for Life as well as a pro-life sidewalk counselor and speaker.

Patti is an active member of the Cursillo and Kairos community and a devoted wife and mother.

Possible topics include:


  • Abortion procedures

  • Abortion facts and stats

  • Effects on women and men (post abortion syndrome)

  • Fetal abnormalities

  • Post-abortion healing

  • The Church’s response

Other topics:

  • Adoption

  • Gratitude is the Attitude

  • Rape conception

  • Personhood

  • The right to life