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GOD'S WORD for LifeGOD'S WORD for Life offers exceptional pro-life commentary that can be used by every Christian involved in every aspect of the pro-life movement—including the thousands of Lutheran and other caring pregnancy centers throughout America!

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GOD’S WORD for Life Topical Index/Study Guide for God’s Word for Life

GOD’S WORD for Life is a ONE-OF-A-KIND RESOURCE—integrated with the awesome power of God’s Word in clear, natural English—that will enable the Holy Spirit to save and change the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, men, and children!

Rev. Dr. James Lamb, former Executive Director of Lutherans For Life—and general editor of GOD’S WORD for Life—says that

“Lutherans For Life believes that only God’s Word has the power to change people’s hearts and minds and make a real difference in their lives. Therefore, we believe GOD’S WORD for Life is a much-needed resource for pastors and laypeople, for teachers and students, and for those facing these issues. Dealing with the life issues based on the Word of God is a great way to help people connect with the saving grace of God’s Word of Life, Jesus Christ!”

The articles and commentaries found in GOD’S WORD for Life are based on these truths:

  • Every human life is a gift created by Him;

  • Every human life has been reclaimed by the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

GOD’S WORD for Life will enable readers to connect God’s positive For Life message with a variety of life issues and concerns:

Facing an unplanned pregnancy?

There’s an entire section in GOD’S WORD for Life just for you.

End-of-life concerns?

You’ll find words of strength and hope in GOD’S WORD for Life.

Burdened by a past decision?

GOD’S WORD for Life points you to the Word of Life, Jesus, in whom you can find real forgiveness and healing.

Confused about biotechnologies?

You’ll find tremendous insights in these pages.

Need encouragement?

GOD’S WORD for Life offers encouragement to those who are actively dealing with life issues.

Want more Bible-based information on life issues?

Here it is!

Whether you’re a pastor or a layperson, a teacher or a student, there is a lot a life-changing truth in GOD’S WORD for Life for you!

GOD’S WORD for Life was developed by Lutherans For Life in cooperation with God’s Word to the Nations (, a mission society headquartered in Orange Park, Florida, using the GOD’S WORD translation. LFL Executive Director Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb is both the general editor and a commentary contributor to this project.

Asked why the God’s Word translation was used, Dr. Lamb said,

“When God’s Word to the Nations mission society heard about our idea to produce a pro-life specialty Bible, they saw the importance of this project and allowed us to use one of their already-published Bibles for inserting the commentaries. This eliminated the need to ‘start from scratch.’ An added bonus is that the audience targeted by God’s Word is the same audience Lutherans For Life wants to reach with our For Life message (‘those well-versed in Scripture as well as first-time readers, Christians as well as non-Christians’).”

Order GOD'S WORD for Life (available through CPH).

Paperback – Item LFL1618: $1.50 per copy - ON SALE! 90% OFF! - SOLD OUT

Hardcover – Item LFL1619: $10.00 per copy - ON SALE! 50% OFF! - SOLD OUT

Leather – Item LFL1619C: $12.50 per copy - ON SALE! 50% OFF!

GOD’S WORD for Life Topical Index/Study Guide for God’s Word for Life

GOD’S WORD for Life Topical List:


  • God’s Knitting Room

  • Is Abortion Allowed in Cases of Rape or Incest?


The Servanthood of Adoption

Beginning of Life

  • The Annunciation and the Beginning of Life

  • When Does Life Begin?


  • Biotechnology and God’s Word

  • Cloning: Understanding the Basics

  • Hope for Infertile Couples

  • In Vitro Fertilization: Moral or Immoral?

  • The Pain of Infertility

  • Stem Cell Research: Understanding the Basics

Christian Responsibility

Abortion and the Message of the Church

  • The Christian and Government

  • Christianity’s Influence on the Sanctity of Human Life

  • Generations for Life

  • Pro-Life Lights

  • Proclaiming God’s Word for Life


God’s Creation: The Foundation of Life

End of Life Issues

  • The Abundant Life

  • An Able God for a Disabled People

  • God Gives Purpose to Life

  • Have Hope! God is in Control!

  • Making Life and Death Decisions in Hope

  • Theology of the Cross: Making Sense out of Suffering

Marriage and Sexuality

  • Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

  • The Goodness of Marriage

  • Mentoring a Pure and Holy Life

  • Modesty in Dress and Behavior

  • Real Love (Just for Teens)

  • Should the Bearer of Life Engage in Combat?


Miscarriage Prayers

Post Abortion

  • Forgotten Fathers

  • God’s Word of Hope for Those Weeping After an Abortion

Unplanned Pregnancy

God’s Word for an Unplanned Pregnancy

The Value of Human Life

  • The Hands of God and the Value of Human Life

  • The Image of God and the Value of Human Life

  • Valuing the Life of the Unborn Child

  • You have Unearned Moral Worth

Contributors include:

  • Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb,

  • Linda Bartlett,

  • Linda Luecke,

  • Rev. Dr. Robert Wiese,

  • Rev. Dr. Richard C. Eyer,

  • Rev. Dr. Alvin Schmidt,

  • Dr. Jean Garton,

  • Professor James Westendorf,

  • Jeannie Hannemann,

  • Grace Kern,

  • Rev. Edward Fehskens,

  • Wesley J. Smith,

  • Christian Life Resources.

You are encouraged to promote the GOD’S WORD for Life Bible in the congregations in your area!

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