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End-of-life concerns affect us all. People in our families and in our congregations face terminal illness, pain and suffering, questions about purpose, decisions about beginning or withdrawing treatment, and whether or not to make such decisions in advance. We all “live with dying.”

Your congregation can address some of these very real-life concerns on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 20, 2013—or at any time during the year.

Here is a partial list of what is available:
All materials can be ordered through Concordia Publishing House.

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LFL designed these materials to complement one another. We encourage using as many of these resources as possible to understand better what Living with Dying is all about.

Download Sermon: Living with Dying – Rev. Evan McClanahan
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Rev. McClanahan of First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas, summarizes his sermon based on Philippians 1:21 this way, “We are not the ones to determine if a life has value or not, if it is a burden or not, if it should be lived or not. To live is Christ and to die is gain. God, through His creation, through the incarnation of Jesus, through His redemptive death and His resurrection from the dead has proven again and again that His Word in the face of death is life.”

Download Sermon: In Christ Shall All Be Made Alive – Rev. Dr. Richard Eyer
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“Death opens fears that are not easily satisfied with explanations,” writes Rev. Dr. Richard Eyer, Director Emeritus of the Concordia Bioethics Institute. Based on 1 Corinthians 15:20-22, he reminds us that these fears are not satisfied with material things or by distracting ourselves in various activities. Comfort in the midst of our fears over death can come only in our relationship with Jesus. He writes, “We don’t need to take charge of death; Christ has given us the victory over it.”

Download Sermon: Living with Dying – Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb
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In this sermon based on Philippians 1:18b-26, Paul reminds us that as we live with dying, Christ comforts us with the certainty that it would be “far better” to depart and be with Him. But He also reminds us that the timing belongs to God. If He gives us continued life, then in His plan, it is “more necessary” that we go on living. But you see, whether we live or die we know that Christ is at work and that He will be honored.

Download Sermon: Man of the Hour – Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb
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This sermon, based on John 2:1-11, the Epistle reading for the Second Sunday after Epiphany, points to Jesus as the “man of the hour” in Cana. His true hour came, however, when He was “man of the hour” on the cross. Epiphany is about making this “man of the hour” known and what His cross means as we deal with the “hours” in our lives. This sermon points to a mission field we do not always think about—the life issues. People in these difficult “hours” need to know about the “man of the hour”!

Many more materials are available!

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