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The assaults on our faith come daily from the world in which we live and from our own sinful nature, which lives in us. But something else—indeed, Someone else—also lives in us, Christ’s Holy Spirit. We Live In Faith Everyday (L.I.F.E.) because Christ lives in us. Sexual sins and the erosion of marriage and family present especially difficult challenges. Our Life Sunday materials address these issues and provide resources for your congregation to help them live their faith in a faithless world.

Your congregation can observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday at any time during the year.

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Download A Memorial Service for the Victims of Abortion

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LFL designed these materials to complement one another. We encourage using as many of these resources as possible to understand better what Living In Faith Everyday is all about.



Download Sermon: Praying for What is Good
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Rev. Dr. Nathan Yoder discusses the importance of prayer in our daily living in faith based on Luke 11:1-13. He focuses on the positive, praying for the good things of God, especially for our families and those struggling in difficult situations. As he summarizes, “We pray for the good gifts of God instead of the snakes and scorpions of the world, and He listens.”

Download Sermon: LIFE - Live In Faith Everyday
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Using a variety of Scriptural examples, Rev. Craig Michaelson creatively shows how we substitute other words for “faith” in L.I.F.E. Some live in “freedom” and do as they please. Sometimes young people live in “fear” that they will “miss out” if they do not join their friends in this freedom. This can lead to feeling as if we live in “failure” because of our sin. But the Gospel enables us to live in the freedom of forgiveness restoring us when we fail.

Download Sermon: Fear and Mercy for Generations
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Rev. Thomas Ogilvie uses the “scandal” of Mary’s “unplanned” pregnancy as the basis for his sermon. He shows how we “descandalize” sexual impurity in our culture and accept it as the norm. Christians fall prey to such impurity in their daily living. But because of the scandal of the cross, Jesus forgives and restores purity. As pastor Ogilvie concludes, “What a joy it is to know that mercy of God so that you live in that saving faith in Jesus every day, and that His baptismal grace strengthens you day by day!”

Download Sermon: Chastity - The Choice of Champions
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Dr. Lamb's sermon uses 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 to show that as we live in faith everyday the choice of chastity is the choice of champions! People created by God, people “bought with a price,” and people baptized into Christ are champions because of what God has done for them and in them. Champions can make good, God-pleasing decisions. Champions can live in faith everyday even when they make mistakes because they live in Christ everyday!


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